Quick guide

Quick guide on how to modify or use some of the template design elements

the Mega Menu

We've added a dedicated Menu page to make it easier for you to preview and edit the template's menu. The page links are made as components and the menu items are generated via the CMS.

This template doesn't use Webflow's native menu element because of the site's unique menu and cursor design. This means that for each new page, you must add the Cursor Menu component and copy the div block named Menu to any new page that you add.

Due to the current limitations of Webflow's nested collection lists, there is a limit of 5 CMS items per menu category. The template will be updated accordingly if or when Webflow remove or change the current limit.

CUrsor Menu

We recommend switching off the visibility of the Cursor Menu component when editing content in Webflow. A visibility property has been added to the component for quick and easy access. You can find the property toggle in the components Element Settings (D).

Visibility toggled to Hidden

Remember to set Visibility back to Visible when you are finished editing.

Visibility toggled back to Visible

SVG Arrows

We've embedded SVG graphics in some of the template buttons, which use the currentColor CSS value. This allows the SVG to match the text color in its container without manual adjustments.

To modify your own SVG graphics similarly:

  1. Open the SVG in a text editor.
  2. Locate fill="#somecolor" or stroke="#somecolor".
  3. Replace #somecolor with currentColor.
  4. Save the SVG in Webflow's embed element